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Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
Sorry to sound contentious but doesn't the fact Skuntank is NU mean it sucks competitive-wise as opposed to being good? I mean, it might be good in NU but being good in NU doesn't say a lot about that Pokémon's power.

The lower tiers are a reality but, when the chips are down (e.g. in tournaments), no use will use Pokémon below BL. Lower tiers are just fun-tiers.

(and yes I hate tiers)
Nah there's lots of Pokemon in lower tiers that are very viable in OU, for example Sawsbuck and Amoonguss, it's just that they're outclassed by other things most of the time, or don't get enough usage to be in the higher tiers. It's not that they suck it's just that they aren't used enough in the higher tiers really. Because as I mentioned, Sawsbuck can be an amazing OU sun sweeper and OHKO a lot of mons, etc.

Also I hope NU gets a lot of positive changes and things that can help out the current psychic domination in gen 6. :3

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