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    Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    Nah there's lots of Pokemon in lower tiers that are very viable in OU, for example Sawsbuck and Amoonguss, it's just that they're outclassed by other things most of the time, or don't get enough usage to be in the higher tiers. It's not that they suck it's just that they aren't used enough in the higher tiers really. Because as I mentioned, Sawsbuck can be an amazing OU sun sweeper and OHKO a lot of mons, etc.

    Also I hope NU gets a lot of positive changes and things that can help out the current psychic domination in gen 6. :3
    But the thing is, they aren't used because they're outclassed, or they're hard to use. And also because most players prefer the smooth sailing provided by having a Garchomp, Terrakion or Reuniclus in their teams.

    What I really wish is that NU becomes a place for Pokémon which aren't supposed to battle, like Unown and similar things. It's really difficult to balance 300+ evolved Pokémon plus Eviolite-NFE, though.

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