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    It felt like days. So cold. So Quiet....

    I realised that my pokemon had been taken away from me. Poor Chimchar, they must have forced him into his pokeball. I hang there, thinking. Not long after i heard some screeching. It seemed close. From darkness, light poored in. My eyes were hurting, and i was still upside down but i could just make out a Zubat flapping its wing in front of me. The Zubat had used cut on the web that was holding me up. I was now free. I suppose Zubats aren't so useless after all. The Zubat had seen what the other trainer had done to me and felt like it would help me. It also saw what happened to my pokeballs. The Zubat kindly flew over to them, and one by one transported the pokemon over to me. The Zubat showed me the entrance that the trainer had left from. I thanked the Zubat, and then set out my Togekiss, Deerling and Ambipom and asked them to destroy the rocks that were in the way. Once the Opening was clear i walked out into the daylight. It seemed like forever since i had seen daylight, because it had been night when we entered the cavern. The opening opened up into a clear area. Just over a hill i could see a city. As i was walking i realised that it was Sunyshore. I Thought that i would head there first and heal my pokemon, they were all tierd.

    As i entered the city i could smell the fresh sea air. It was a really relaxing feeling. As i was walking towards the Pokemon Center, i spotted a store that sold personal safety equiptment. I walk over to the small store and looked in the window. There sitting on a Stand was a new Pokeball holder. It works by using fingerprints, only the trainer that owns the pokeballs can take them of the belt. I thought this would garrantee me and my pokemon to stay together. I paid for the holder and started heading towards the pokemon center.

    As i entered the Center, there, healing their pokemon, was the trainer that did this to me. Sitting on the counter was the Shaymin. At that moment i sent out Glaceon and asked her to use ice beam. The trainer was just turning around when the powerful beam knocked them out cold. I healed my pokemon, and called for the Shaymin. At this point the trainer was being carried through some doors further into the center on a stretcher. I knew i had to get out of here fast. I returned Glaceon and sent out Togekiss. Just before i left i noticed the trainers Pokeballs still on the counter. I wanted revenge! I stole the pokeballs and hid them in the bushes outside. Then with shaymin on my shoulder and Togekiss up and ready i jumped on togekiss and we flew To Snowpoint City. I thought that would be far enough to not be found.

    (hey guys, im really enjoying this and was wondering if we should add all the posts together and create a fanfic, let me know about your thoughts)
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