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I'm interested in your:
30317 Berry Glitch Zigzagoon [SAPHIRE] Adamant [7-October-2007] Hates to lose
00010 Space Center Deoxys [SPACEC] Docile [8-June-2007] Likes to run
02211 Winter Celebi [WIN2011] Timid [5-February-2011] Highly persistent
11077 JB Hi-Fi Manaphy [JBHF] Quiet [12-November-2007] Often lost in thought

I can offer:
20078 Aura Mew [Aura] Quirky [14-October-2007] Sturdy Body
00010 10th Anniversary Celebi [10 ANIV] Timid [11-August-2007] Often dozes off
20043 Wishmaker Jirachi [WISHMKR] Careful [6-October-2007] Capable of taking hits
40122 Channel Jirachi [CHANNEL] Lonely [25-April-2008] A little quick tempered
^I put my events in your format