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the evil Team Zexal
I never trusted those

Your older brother is Jaden Knight
I guess he is... *puts on sunglasses* absolutely flawless! YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH
But for real, what's with these YGO-References?
Q: Are you a Sonic and Yu-Gi-Oh fan? [...]
A: Of course! [...]

Does the "Knight of the" title give any limitations to the usable Pokemon?

Well, I can't offer much critic this time, everything seems legit. But I wonder what the goal of the two evil teams even is? Maybe I can find some plotholes there? What is the Gate of Time & Space even? Disortion world?
Maybe my questions will be answered when I play the game (demo) (then just say so), but due to my upcoming exams this will have to wait. But I'll monitor this thread.

By the way, could you extend your credits to what the different people have actually done/contributed?
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