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    Introduction: Hello, I am making this team because I always wanted to have my own hack and I always loved Pokemon Ashgray and was thinking of making a spin off and than I got this idea called "Pokemon Adavanced" a hack of Pokemon Emerald. Working on this hack should improve members knowledge on hacking and we can have some fun out of it too making the hack possible. I want everyone to try there hand at helping me with this hack however I would like you to have some experience but even if you dont that's fine too we'll just have fun but atleast a little. Anyway I hope we hackers can have fun making this.

    Introduction of rom hack: You are Ash Ketchum. You've placed in the top 16 in the Kanto League and in the top 8 of the Johto League but not you're about to embark on your journey though the Hoenn region. Unfortunately, you're Pikachu got poisoned after your battle with Jesse and James of Team Rocket. You've called Professor Birch's aide he says "Professor Birch will be there soon".


    Play as Ash Ketchum

    Have the opportunity to catch all the pokemon Ash did in Hoenn

    Follows the same events as in the anime from season 6 episode 274 " Get the Show on the Road!" to season 8 episode 403 "At the End of the Fray".

    New Tiles

    New Sprites

    New Maps

    Apllication form:

    Proof of work:

    Needed Roles:

    Mapping: SpadeEdge16
    Pokemon Editing
    Text Editing
    Tilescreen Editor