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Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
But the thing is, they aren't used because they're outclassed, or they're hard to use. And also because most players prefer the smooth sailing provided by having a Garchomp, Terrakion or Reuniclus in their teams.

What I really wish is that NU becomes a place for Pokémon which aren't supposed to battle, like Unown and similar things. It's really difficult to balance 300+ evolved Pokémon plus Eviolite-NFE, though.
Still doesn't mean they're bad though, really. ;( Some good mons are just used less, that's all.

And I would not want that for gen 6 at all. NU is a great metagame, and the things that shouldn't battle are really PU/NFE etc. NU in gen 6 is something I reallyyyy want. :3

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