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Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
Do we want to include Fakemon?
I would wait to see the calibre of the Head of Graphics and any people immediately under them before sticking a solid answer on this. If they are up to the task and feel like they can do a good job then by all means. I know there is more than just graphics when it comes to fakemon as there are movesets and stats etc but you can't have them without an artist.
Do we want to include Gen IV/V Pokemon?
Yes, including some of them will give us more freedom to do things.
This man doesn't say anything stupid. I agree with him. Also when we say fakemon how much are we talking about? A full dex? A dozen or so? If it's full dex, then it'll take too long. Atleast from what I see, games with full dex Fakemon, take a long time to get rolling (outside of some rushed sprite ones I haven't seen a hack completed with a full fakemon region). Getting all these unique concepts ready and sprited (back sprites and all) is not really easy.
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