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    Originally Posted by sam198 View Post
    I found a glitch
    the first time you battle your rival if you lose and try to go to to route 29 your rival shows up but does not fight you(this happens every time i try to go on rout 29)

    here is what i was talking about
    Attachment 67206

    Attachment 67207

    Attachment 67208

    Attachment 67209

    Attachment 67210
    u didnt use cheats before that point by any chance did u?

    i need to learn to read. in that case the simple fix to that is dont lose lol

    Hey guys love the hack!!!
    I'm in Cinnabar Island trying to do the team rocket event. I have 15 badges it looks like i have to go around to the side entrance of the cave I go there and theres a place where it says i can dive my Pokemon knows dive but i have no option to use it. I am on the newest version of the hack. Do i have to do something special or is my game Glitched?
    No, the game is not glitched, it now requires 16 badges to dive. to progress talk to blue and axel on cinnabar island, then click on the wall next to blue and a cave will open up

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