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Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
It'll never happen. Hoenn is in Japan somewhere (at least the area it's based off of). X and Y are based off of France.

Also, Hoenn is not like the Sevii Islands added to FR/LG. It's a HUGE area. It would not become a secret area of the game. If anything, it would be accessed after the initial E4 run, and make it a 16 Gym game. For such a thing, they'd likely use Unova even though it meets the same reason I say Hoenn won't happen (Unova is based on New York, again across an ocean) - meaning I think neither will happen.

Not that I'm saying it will happen, but with the introduction of airplanes in Gen V, the excuse "it's too far away" doesn't really hold much value today as it once did. There's no real need for the regions to be attached anymore a la Kanto and Johto, not if they have airplanes again that can fly to another region.

I hope the idea of attaching Hoenn to these games doesn't happen though. Like many RSE fans, myself included, I would much prefer a remake for Ruby and Sapphire or even Emerald so it can reach its full potential. Slapping it onto X and Y would leave much to be desired in my opinion. Same goes for any other region.

I would rather they do something like the Sevii Islands, but much more interesting.
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