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Computers at college are sooo much better than the ones at school. They've got the whole CS6 package as well as Autodesk stuff too. They run windows 7. Pretty much everything is unblocked barring the obvious porn sites aswell as gumtree for some reason o_o Most of the computers are HPs.
During secondary school for 5 years we just used XP and pretty much everything was blocked and people had long lists of proxies to get into Facebook and stuff when I was in my final year we got computers with Windows7 on them and lots of decent programs like Sibelius 7 in the music department [4 was better though :u] and I think CS4 in art computers. We also had laptops that we could borrow from the Library after that. We had Dells and RM(?) desktops iirc. One teacher was a staunch windows hater, she was a crazzzy mac fangirl.
Primary school was windows 2000 and was until I left in 2006? They've got Windows 7 now.

yeah done that backwards for some reason aha
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