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Originally Posted by Mithel_Celestia View Post
A forked Gym path? Let's imagine it like this: After the first gym, there are two cities you can go to to find your next badge. After the badge of the city you picked is received, some in-game event disallows you to go to the other city and you continue on your journey. This way, it will seem like your making your own journey through the region and make your own story.

The gym/city will be then available again after the Pokemon league.
So half the game cannot be explored before the E4? Imagine how many script barriers would have to go into place (unless for instance a rockslide occurs barring the way back and it's not cleaned up until after the E4).

Also, if a player visits both cities before going to either Gym, they can still Fly there. So your theory is immediately squashed.

Besides, GF would never prevent backtracking.

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