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I've completed HeartGold. My team consisted of Meganium, Politoed, Xatu and Tyranitar. I really loved this team, it had a nice coverage with some defensive dudes and some offensive dudes.
Anyway, Johto was over very quickly, and Kanto even quicker. After I was done with both regions, I collected numbers from Gym Leaders and rebattled them. I'm glad you can battle them as many times as you like when they're free, otherwise this would've been a pain. When everyone was Lv 65, I went to face Red.



Dimitri the Meganium, Lv 65 (♂)
Item: Leftovers
Petal Dance, Light Screen, Return, PoisonPowder

Raleigh the Politoed, Lv 65 (♂)
Item: Mystic Water
Hyper Voice, Focus Punch, Hypnosis, Surf

Arpeggio the Xatu, Lv 65 (♂)
Item: Amulet Coin
Shadow Ball, Psychic, Fly, U-Turn

Rioichi the Tyranitar, Lv 65 (♂)
Item: Quick Claw
Rock Climb, Crunch, Earthquake, Rock Slide
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