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    Luxanna's Log #6 & a ½

    Wrapped in a cave of black, just like the darkness of Luxanna's home shack, route 31's dark cave was where Lux went, with her time that was indeed well spent. Soon in the cave where Lux believe it was a curse to be rude, what do you know! She encountered a Geodude. Lux threw her pokeball as sharp of a rocky sharpedo cliff, and out came her loyal Growlithe.

    Growlithe howled at his rocky offender, as soon Lux ordered, "Growlithe, use Ember!"

    The flames from the friend let loose a in a swirl, which sparked the Geodude so much that it almost made it hurl. Soon the Geodude recovered and let loose a cry, then it used tackle, on which Lux questioned why. But her question was answered as Geodude tackled Growlithe towards the wall, and oh boy, that was a tremendous fall. But the loyal pup was not through yet - as Lux still had a trick up her vest.

    Growlithe went up to his feet, from head to rear, then Lux commanded swiftly, "Growlithe, use Leer!"

    The Growlithe leered down it's foe without rest, as the Geodude became enraged - 'oh how this Growlithe is a pest!' The Lux ordered Growlithe to use Bite, but Geodude still did not want to lose this fight. It curled up into a ball, and then made a twirl, Growlithe's attack was deflected, ah, it was it's good ol' Defense Curl.

    Soon the wild Geodude used the Defense curl's energy and ready it's attack, however, strangely enough, Luxanna was not worried. "Ohhhh what's that?!" She saw a Vs. Seeker on the floor, but it was broken. What a waste of machinery! "It should of been more outspoken!"

    Meanwhile the Geodude let loose it's Tackle and connected, Growlithe stumbled backwards, because the attack was quite effective. Luxanna finally paid more attention, but still loved the Vs. Seeker with quite affection. However, there was no time for delay, Lux cheered on, "GROWLITHE, HOORAY!" Lux commanded another Ember from Growlithe because now it was his turn, to damage the Geodude, and watch it buuuuuuuuurn.

    The Ember attack proved more effective this time around, scorching the rocky Geodude, like those pants that Lux saw at her school's lost and found. The Geodude slumped over, it was time for Lux to go! As she reached for her item, "Pokeball! Go!" It hit the young Geodude, square on the nose, as it shook once, then twice, then thrice, then a Ping! Lux's ego soon rose.

    "I just caaaaaught a Geodude!" She cried, although, maybe she should be less crude? She congratulated her Growlithe, by giving it a hug, as Growlithe playfully bit her sleeve with a tug. Lux soon wondered, on the briefest of timing, "Gee... I wonder why I was rhyming?" She soon got up, and returned Growlithe back inside her pokeball, and turned towards the exit of the cave, sunlight and all.

    "No seriously... why was I rhyming? There was no reason for me too. I found it strange."


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