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    Milly Kaiko

    Milly let out a low growl as the peppy voiced announcer sounded, splitting her dreams in two. Slowly the messy haired girl sat up, eyes heavy and hair messy as she tugged her thin cotton blanket down and off her legs.

    Eyes underlined with dark lines, the girl pulled herself up, twisting to dangle her legs over the side of the wooden frame as she ran a slow hand through the long, tangled golden strands of her hair, teasing it back from her small face as she yawned and rubbed one eye with her free hand.

    Looking up and pointing her button nose towards the ceiling, she lifted her arms up and stretched, feeling the muscled under her skin pull and tense with a satisfying sigh before hauling herself up and onto her feet with an unsteady, ungraceful lurch.

    Padding across her room, she moved to her shower twisting the shower’s tap to full. On the sudden hiss of hot water which spouted forward into the air, the girl stripped, showered then changed. Grunting slightly in annoyance, when pulling on her blazer, at the fact she had forgotten to wash it the night before. Mud still stuck to ot’s pale green surface. Eyeing these dark blotches evilly Milly then shrugged. At least she had fresh socks, top and a skirt to wear. The blazer would just have to wait.

    Running her fingers through her hair once or twice, she was ready. She did have a brush but had never been one for using it all that much. Glancing at herself in the mirror above her sink afer brushing her teeth, she gave her best smile or at least tried. This early in the morning, the smile resembled more of a sneer than anything else.

    “7 am…” she grumbled giving on being cheery and sticking her tongue out sourly at her reflection. “I forgot this time even existed.”

    Looking down at her wrists, she studied the array of bracelets. Silver, Copper, twisted cord, ribbon, rubber, you name it Milly had it on her wrist. Fingering the charm bracelet on her right wrist lovingly she then shrugged, dropping the charms from her soft touch and turning on the spot to head back into her room. No time for remembering home.

    Grabbing her bag from up on the floor and stuffing a few new pens, pencils and a note book from her desk Kaiko then slipped her feet into her shoes and crossed to her door. Her hair still damp from her shower.

    Locking her room, she slipped her keys back into her pocket then headed down to the entrance of the dorm, not even sparing a glance at the open doors she passed as she pressing head phones to her ears and hitting a play. This time Celtic music hummed into exist as she slumped down the stairs, bag thrown lazily over one shoulder.

    When she finally got out into the open air she took a deep breath in, her step only faltering slightly before she headed in the direction of the cafeteria. Breakfast was defiantly on her agenda. She hadn’t eaten the night before and food was needed!

    Arriving at the building, she crossed the seating area, patched here and there with people, making a beeline for the pile of bacon butties. Grabbing one and exchanging pleasantries for a few short minutes with one of the cooks, she then found herself a seat and settled to eat her prize for bothering to wake up.

    Barely even taking in the people around her through a mix of tiredness and hunger.
    “Oh bacon. You make me so happy” the girl sighed, as she pulled the grease covered bun towards her lips.

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