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    You made everything air-tight, so its hard to over analyze your project like you have done a few others, but I can try

    While I've never been a big advocate of these games, it seems to be a huge untapped market, and fairly original from the standpoint of laying pokemon and dating a girl, rather than the classic "running into a female sprite and claiming you have kissed them" as I'm sure we have all done intentionally, or unintentionally, and It is very refreshing to see something like this

    use your charm (as well as strength, intelligence and skills)
    what confuses me is will this be like other indie games where you have stats like charm, intelligence, etc that you have mentioned, and depending upon choices and dialogue you choose, will these be increased? will you be able to do minor or major battling (as this is a huge tournament) and increase these skills of yours? is there a way to lose? could you lose a battle and be kicked out? We've all seen ash beat his opponents, and you rarely see them again; do you just leave? what girl would want to date a loser.

    also, do you have like a dorm or barracks where you stay, and during the day you go and charm the ladies, but you have to be battling a few times, or once a day, or once a week? it seems weird that a person could just show up and stay a month trying to get a girlfriend and never once actually battle

    other than that your game seems really interesting and I hope you get more feedback, or attention

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