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    Sure thing, the credits list will actually be updated the day the demo comes out because I'm still working on finishing on the list of contributions people have made.

    The "Knight of The" title doesn't affect any Pokemon limitations but what it does do is give you popularity, a feature I put in after watching Luka S.J/s videos and studying Ruby, whereas the more you win battles with your "Knight" title, the more certain Pokemon (legendaries, especially roaming) and trainers will come to challenge you.

    Gate of Time & Space is a door in an alternate dimension that the Pixel fairies (Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie guard) in order to make sure the Distortion World and the real world don't collide, which can cause destruction.

    Got the idea after learning more about Galaxy collision. Glad you're interested, the game is very story driven I must warn, because I always thought character interaction in a game was a plus.