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    Route 202, a place of beginnings. Nath took his first step together, with tyrouge at his side. A feeling of relief and satisfaction overcame Nath but also anxiety, the thought of having to shape is own destiny from now on. His foot landed over the border. He was finally going to do it.

    The first thing he noticed was that the route was not as busy as he expected. Wind wasn't as strong as it was elsewhere, and tall grass was the only obstacle. It was going to be a breeze.

    He reaced the first patch of tall grass, which was a few meters across. Not one pokemon. Before he could reach the next patch of grass, he noticed a pack of growlithe run into some trees, and a flock of starly fly off. It wasn't as stereotypical as said to be, with pokemon only appearing in tall grass, what a lie! Pokemon were everywhere!

    Nath took a moment to take in the sites, before noticing that the pack of growlithe was trying to sneak up on him. Nath's peaceful moment did not last a second longer. Tyrouge quickly lept to action preparing to attack. The growlithe were talking betweemn themselves, and only one stepped forward.

    The other growlithe didn't seem to want to fight. The growlithe that did prepared itself. It launched a quick ember attack at tyrouge knocking him back slightly. Tyrouge fought back with a tackle attack with stumbled growlithe knocking it to it's knees. Tyrouge then used a leer to intimidate growlithe, which then tackled Tyrouge back. Tyrouge dodged, then tackled growlithe from behind, knocking it out.

    The growlithe got back up and smiled. It jumped into Nath's arms as if saying, 'thank you.' Nath looked at it and smiled back. Tyrouge lifted up a hand to shake and growlithe lifted his paw too. 'There's nothing like friendship,' Nath thought to himself, before getting up. Nathan had just won is first battle, and was THANKED for it. He felt amazing, so amazing, he just had the energy to dash to Jubilife. And that's exactly what he did with no clue that the growlithe was following him.