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    Originally Posted by Ayutac View Post
    Looks like I found a fan. You know there is a download link in the description above?
    If you would prefer to do an vector image, I still have none for Brock and Professor Oak. These two are not dateable, but a vector image would be splendid, for story telling purposes.

    I'm going to sleep now. Tell all your friends that they can help (as soon as I've got the tutorial online).

    EDIT: Oh, my quoting answering deleted your quote. Seems I missunderstood and thought you would want to make a character (which would be really great). The screens are another thing and I'm sorry but they work through scripting in Ren'Py. Here is the beginner's introduction to that.
    But I assure you, tracing is totally easy, too. Just takes its time, like any good thing
    haha, as I said before I'm not much of an advocate of this sort of thing, I just like the idea of it hahaha, its just nice to know its out there
    and if you need some vector images it sounds fun to do, I just need to find out what a vector image is...
    but I'll look into it and let you know! my big thing right now is working on those terrible gen 5 back sprites >.< as nice as it is they exist, it kills me to know how terrible they are, and yet how willingly they are thrown around
    ....who am i kidding I'm working on any kind of image that can capture any amount of my time x.x I really have a problem hahahahah, but I'll look into your thing for you!

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