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    Nath turned around until a giant tree made of crystals caught is eye. It was beautiful. He walked up to it to examine. On a stone were some incarnations of rules and laws going on about pokemon spirits, but Nath, having lived underground for the past 2 year, had no idea what this meant. The tree started to shine, and Nathan worried whether he had done something wrong. His thoughts were false as the ghostly bird that he saw before came forth and said,

    "I've been waiting for you..." In a ghostly kind of way, kind of creepy to Nath's ears.
    "Bah I'm just kidding, cut the ghostly stuff. For Arceus's sake just hurry up allready!"

    "But your a ghost? Of what? Are you a pokemon?"

    "What do you think I am, I'm Noctowl, pleased to meet you!"

    "But how are you... here, I thought pokemon were extinct."

    "They are kind of, but you and I share a strong spiritual connection. I don't know why either trust me, but hey whats the worst that could happen, hey we got a world to save!"

    "What are you talking about?"

    "Your going to be a poke-spirit wielder dumdum!"

    "A what now?"

    "Argh just fuse with me I'll explain along the way!"

    Nath felt a strange, but satisfying force in his body, and all of a sudden, his whole body seemed to change. Two large wings grew out from where his arms were usually kept, and two feathered horns with red tips grew from is head, along with a complete change in wardrobe, from cloth to fashion! Nath had never experience anything like this before, and felt great although shocked at the same time.

    "With this, what can I do?"

    "Destroy the world or save all you love... Your choice!"

    "Well then, first stop, Children's city, I got some revenge to take care of!"

    "I love revenge, sweet revenge!"

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