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Makoto looked at Aria confusedly, then became a little scared. He was concerned that she was becoming crazy, and might kill him. "U-uh, please don't kill me... That sound is scaring me..." Aria was smiling and making noises that sounded like "Ha ha ha" and it scared him a bit.

Spark had taken off north for the island."You think he is stronger than me?" She asked.

Plusle chimed in, interrupting Xatu before he could utter a response, Of course not! Electricity beats flying, duh. All we have to do is shock him until he pops! Spark paused for a moment, that was a bit dark for Plusle, though she put it off.

"What do you think Minun?" Minun had not said a word to her for what seemed like ages. "Are you still up there?"

Yes Came a sad, female voice, I'm sure you will win.

Spark knew that she was saying that just so Spark wouldn't ask any more questions. "Is there something wrong Minun?"

No-- its just. She paused, When you had no memory, I thought you could live happier, safer. But now that you have it back you are going to risk your life again...

"It's fine though, I'm doing it for a good reason now."

Arc did thinks for good reasons and he died! He died alone, without me... Spark felt sorrow as well now, When you die, then what? What if a psychopath takes us, uses us to kill anyone he wants, just like the girl who possessed Xatu?

"I don't know..." Spark said, "But I used to be a psychopath too, remember? It is my job to bring this world back to normal so nobody has to fear that, and maybe you can even have a body..."

You can't promise that, no matter how much you try I'm sure Arceus would never let us back.

"Well he gave you guys to me didn't he?" No more words were spoken, but Xatu had noticeably had said nothing. He was watching events, amused but heart stricken. "I can promise that I can try..." Spark said quietly.
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