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    Do we want to include Fakemon?
    Yes, but only if they are very very very very well designed. They must blend properly with the other pokemon, or it's just awkward. Having fakemon with Jambo51's 649 patch would be cool, and is very well possible.

    Do we want to include Gen IV/V Pokemon?
    Yes, but I'd also like to keep the original Pokemon as well. Whenever I see hacks with Gen IV/V pokemon, I can't help but think what pokemon I can't use anymore, which may be a pokemon I really like.

    Using Jambo51's 649 patch would be awesome, and he seems willing to contribute his patch and/or source code into this hack (minus the forme changes for whatever reason, but whatever). However, if we do that, we're either going to have to:
    A: Get Lu-Ho to support the extended Pokemon from Gens IV and V in A-Map (and Jambo51's D/N patch while he's at it. ). I don't think that would be too hard to add.
    B: Get Lu-Ho to release the source code so we can add it ourselves, which is unlikely, but would be great for adding new discoveries and features from the ASM hacking scene.
    C: Make a new map editor that supports it, which would take too long. I believe ZodiacDaGreat was working on one though...
    D: Hex edit in the values ourselves, which is no fun.
    Hopefully someone can contact Lu-Ho and get either A or B through, or ZodiacDaGreat for C. Still, since we have enough backers on this hack, perhaps it won't be too difficult to persuade Lu-Ho to add these features, provided he is checking his e-mail/PC account.

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