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Originally Posted by Darkly the flygon View Post
==> Username: Darkly the flygon (Wish I could change it though)

==> Prospit or Derse dreamer: Derse all day erryday

==> How far have you read: Ahaha is this even a question? All the way.

==> Answer current topic: Act 5 Act 2
Welcome! Haha, well, there are actually Homestucks who haven't read the whole thing yet. As for me, I'm in the midst of rereading it. But I kind of get stuck and bored with Act 6 xD Adding you to the first post!

@ Cid
I liked CandyDirk xD He was so cute with the red hair! Other than that, Trickster Mode only freaked me out. Ugh. But yeah, I guess Hussie did have a reason or point or something for it. As he always has.

I don't like Gamzee :( I'd like to like him but I can't :p

The most recent update is a good thing to spoil, yeah. Agreed!

update (02/02/13)
What does this mean? Is Jack turning into LE?? Where does that put Caliborn? Or are we seeing two completely different moments in time here? One where Caliborn transfers his soul into Cal and one where Jack receives the doll and Caliborn enters/mixes with his soul. My theory :3 Creepy as hell (but eyecandy gifs) nevertheless.

I also think there's time for a change in topics (plus discussing the last updates, of course!), so What are your favorite FLASH animations? (apart from Cascade :p)
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