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    Hello, I took a break from rom hacking after I discovered that I had to uninstall everything and start over (certain files were missing or something and no rom hack would run properly on my comp, making it a hassle to make one myself).

    After realizing I could not stay away I came back, but to a surprise, nothing I do in advance map saves, i have tried everything to my extent (and the extent of google searches) of knowledge and I cannot figure out why nothing is saving.

    I have uninstalled everything once again before I re-install I would like to know, are there certain links that I should avoid? I had the newest version of Amap (although i think ima go back to 1.92 if i can find a working link), XSE 1.1.1, was using the built in FSF, and YAPE. I had a clean version of Leaf Green.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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