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Recruiting Team Members
Team name: TeamZSK
Team Leader: ShadowFiendZX (me)
Current Members: ShadowFiendZX(main game editor), Key (Ideas,Testing,Other), SilverPlusSonic(Ideas,Testing,Other),WhiteBoy(Testing),Ebuenano(Testing)
Current Game title: Pokémon Combustion and Pokémon Sub-Zero
Current progress made: Some story, A few test versions
Position(s) needed: Spriter (There's quite a few sprite types that will need to be drawn, plus tiles, contact me for templates on each.), Composer (Not really necessary yet, but it's always good to have new music/sounds), Character Design
Timezone: Any will do I'm in Eastern Standard Timezone
Preferred Method of contact: Email([email protected]), Skype(ShadowFiendEX)
Link to your active PC thread OR At least 4 screenshots:
Additional info: It's being made in RMXP using Pokémon Essentials with scripts tweaked by me. We have a skype chat, and dropbox. If you need anymore info just contact me Also, if you do apply, please contact me with some examples of your work in the field you want to apply for. Thanks for your time.
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