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Originally Posted by Zanny77 View Post
Ok, so I just went in and did a simple little message script and tried to put it into to see if it's my scripting that's the problem, but this one won't work either. I think the issue is how I put in the script. Here's what I do:
1. Go to FSF and find the next Offset.
2. Go to XSE, and open my ROM
3. Put the offset into the little space that says 'offset' and has a small text box to put it in
4. Script
5. Save script as a .rbc
6. Batch compile the script into the ROM. When it saves, it has each part of the script that starts with "@" and has a different offset for each
7. I go into advancemap, and place the offset next to the @start into the part of advancemap that says script offset
8. Save, patch, run ROM
Woah, that's ancient lol. Download the new XSE and just use #dynamic 0x800000 instead of doing steps 1-7. You should get something like this:

Take note of the highlighted @start offset. Insert it into advance map (with the "$" before it). If you still can't get it to work, I'm sure there are videos of the same process on youtube or something.