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    Originally Posted by hinkage View Post
    Why are the two people who haven't offered to help (and tajaros) the only ones arguing tho? FBI and Karatekid, calm your buttcheeks.

    Taj, your script is good, but it's not a penis, so size doesn't matter. Your grammar/puncuation is kind of crap, but it's good enough to revise easily. But, really you guys? Fighting about a SCRIPT? What a retarded argument, seriously.

    Do we want to include Fakemon?
    Do we want to include Gen IV/V Pokemon?
    Waoh, now that I am reading this again, I said specifically that I wanted to be a scripter, but I didn't have enough time to make it worth while to apply for head scripter. I also only had one post just to give my opinion on how a scripter should be judged.

    Should we include fakemon-
    No, unless they are something extraordinarily good and can blend in easily with the others.

    Should we include new Pokemon-
    Yes. Especially the new evolutions to old Pokemon. We have a man willing to share his hack to enable us to use all of them, so why not? We have good sprites for all of Gen IV and Gen V is getting ever closer to completion courtesy of Chaos Rush's sprite resource, so we could definitely use them.

    As I have already said several times, I can't wait to start working on this project. We just need a good solid foundation to build off of.

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