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    I think Eevee takes the cake for me. I make it a point to evolve mine as soon as possible, and if I can't evolve it in the foreseeable future it sits in my PC until I can. It's just utterly incapable of dealing damage, and the longer it stays unevolved the more decent STAB moves it misses out on. I learned the hard way, trying to keep an Eevee on an even level with the rest of my team until I could evolve it into a Glaceon in Platinum. By the time I reached the Ice Rock it was Level 40-something, lacked any Ice-Type attacks, and was ultimately pretty pathetic. (Though I will admit unevolved Eevees have helped me beat Morty and Fantina on multiple occasions!)

    I've actually managed to use things like Delibird and early-game Normal-Types in game effectively, though, along with defensive Pokemon that specialize in stalling like Bronzong and Cotton Guard + Leech Seed Whimsicott.
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