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    Started an adventure on platinum after having not played Pokemon since like 2007 on leafgreen and ruby. I had played a copy of platinum a friend of mine owned way back 10 but it was post game and he charged me with evolving things he hadn't yet so j just basically fought the elite four a lot there. For the pokeradar and I kept trying to get a shiny bagon but no dice. Went after smeargle next and after accidentally starting a ralts chain I found a shiny on my 9th try. This was my first shiny outside of red gyarados ever! I was so excited I switched to my appropriately leveled bibarel to weaken and forgot ralts would teleport. Which it did of course. I was so mad but at the same time I couldn't hate it lol. Anyways I relied primarily on empoleon rapidash and luxray through the adventure. Also this is my fist post so hello nice to meet you all in the games I go by Hanul.