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    Whelp Alistar's char sheet got corrupted. It'll take me a little longer, sorry for the hold up.
    Name: Alistar Callan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Carries a broad battle axe

    Personality: Tends to act the age his looks portray. He is laid back with seemingly no end of confidence.

    History: Alistar was the apple of his village, Ardan, and a terror to his parents. His cute looks and charm allowed him to get away with almost all. Occupation: Thief and general vagabond

    Spells known:
    I'm not a thief, honest- subtely influences feelings of trust in target. Can influence a max of three targets at a time. With the inclusion of each extra target the less intense the feeling is. Affected by his appearance i.e. it pretty much would hav no effect if he was cover in blood or was looking actively menacing

    Dragon Species: Dragonne
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