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    Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
    Umm what. People don't hack to "satisfy someone else's needs". Or at least I don't. I hack because I want to, not because random people on the internet want me to. That's why I think it's really stupid when someone quits a hack because "it wasn't popular enough" or something, because that's a stupid reason to hack. If the only reason why you hack is to satisfy the needs of random people on the internet, then you shouldn't be hacking. That being said, I hack because I want to, not because someone on the internet needs me to. I don't care about what random people on the internet think.
    You're missing the point I'm trying to make. It's one thing to report a bug or tell them how to improve on something, but it's flat out insulting to say 'this hack sucks' especially when that person has no idea how hard it is or how time restraining it is to make a hack.