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    Ooh boy oh boy. What fun!
    Ok first things first. I'll pick these based off of either how much I used them or if I just like them in general. I'll give reasons.
    Normal- hard to choose but I guess teddiursa? I don't use normal types at all. Or normal flying for that matter. Teddiursa is just way cute IMHO. No other reason lol

    Fighting- another hard to choose type cuz I never use them. I guess blaziken cuz back when I played sapphire I tried torchic cuz I never used anything but water starters till then and so blaziken was really the only fighting type I know and used well.

    Flying- probably crobat. In my ruby and sapphire and heartgold adventures a zubat golbat then crobat wound up being my second so this was the primary flying type I used and it's consistent for me. Also cool cuz the evolution from golbat to crobat makes me feel it loves me lol.

    Poison- I'd say muk. Nothing really special I've just always had a soft spot for it. Mainly for its design. Don't ask I have no clue y I love this pile of toxic sludge. Considering I'm a near freak it's even weirder lol

    Ground- swampert. My first ever Pokemon to reach 100 back in ruby. And an absolute power house. I truly loved him and I'm so glad I have one now in heartgold.

    Rock- another type I don't meddle in. But I'd go with... Gigalith. I don't have one but I'd probably use it if I did and had to have a rock type. Looks cool and not bad stats.

    Bug- ariados. I just love spiders. And it's not bad lol

    Ghost- haunter. I hate gengar's design. XD but also haunter looks cool and it's perfectly creepy but also goofy.

    Steel- aggron. Awesome design. Powerful. Underrated xD

    Fire- I generally don't use fire types either. I'd say rapidash. I love the design and high speed and attack. It's a unicorn on fire. Yes some bad jokes could be made about that but I love it lol it's uber bad ass.

    Water- my favorite type ugh. Lol it'd be unfair to choose mudkip cuz it's the same reason I picked swampert for my ground. So I'll give it to squirtle. Love thy guy. I picked him in blue as a child because he's water type and blastoise was cool and I thought water was cool. So he was also my first Pokemon ever. Had a cake shaped like him when I turned ten lol.

    Grass- again a type I don't use. Probably cacturne. I raised one for a while alongside blaziken.

    Electric- ah one of my 4 favorite types its hard omg lol shinx and emolga they're just too darn cute my shinx luxio luxray was my main Pokemon in platinum cuz I started with piplup but I hate piplup and its family. So I'd choose shinx I guess lol

    Psychic- mewtwo. The movie and also I generally don't use psychic so I wind up with him cuz I just think his design is cool lol

    Ice- another of my fav 4. Maybe glaceon? So cute and cuddly and nice abilities.

    Dragon- last of my fav types. Hard. Haxorus, salamence, dialga. Lets go salamence. He's the most loyal to what a dragon is.

    Dark- spiritomb. I like his stats. And no weakness. Finally I quite like his design.