Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Luria.
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    BTW Just tested your game, the story sucks, yeah that can be fixed.

    My suggestions:
    A. Have an unique purpose since the start, don't waste text on chatting the generic best poke trainer of the world, induce some drama of one simple thing.
    e.g. Those Houndours are scaring out your little sister again, go beat them down!
    #2: I'll bet down 2k grand if you win against me brother, find me in front of X gym.
    #3: Just found your girlfriend cheating on you, she also took your pokemon, go get them back from her and send her to hell.

    Some push to the intro.

    B. Damn mate use another starters, (and please no fire, grass and water type again!)

    C. Give the player running shoes as sooner as possible, even when walking down the stairs. We players go tired of walking.

    D. No catching tutors, we know the hell of how to catch a pokemon.

    Yeah just some suggestions there, feel free to follow or not. Best luck for you mate.