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In my primary school in my country, each of the classrooms have around a dozen or so computers at the back. They only ran Windows XP as that was the latest model that was out back then. Do you remember Friendster? Yeahh, those were the times~ Friendster and YouTube weren't blocked at first, but the school blocked them not long after as students (mostly male) were sneaking onto the computers to go online as well as to play DotA whenever the teachers' backs were turned. xD I remember that there was a site called Pokemon Crater where one could go about as a trainer, capture Pokemon by walking about on a map, train them, battle them with other people as well as battle Gym Leaders and the Elite Four! Sadly, this site doesn't exist anymore..

Secondary school was the same as well. My primary and secondary school were under the same name, so the facilities such as the computers at the back of the classrooms were the same. We were given a little more freedom, seeing as we were older and were expected to be more responsible.

I then switched to another school for my final year of secondary school where each student had their own laptop. There weren't any restrictions, but we were under supervision nonetheless.

During college, the computer labs ran Windows XP and Windows 7. Facebook and YouTube weren't blocked, thank goodness! I don't think any websites were blocked. Man was I glad! xD

Where I'm studying now, none of the websites are blocked. I don't think they had a reason to do so haha.
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