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    The smell of burning flesh awoke Kakusu with a start, a feeling that was soon replaced with disappointment mixed with relief as Kakusu finished looked around the room in his human form for anything peculiar. His roommate was gone now and the sun was out. He had heard something announced on the P.A. a few minutes ago although it was completely erased from his mind the moment he heard it since he was half-asleep when he heard it.

    “Oh! and class starts at 8.30 am!” was all that he remembered although there was another time that was announced. Kakusu quickly took a shower so he could have enough time to eat at the cafeteria and find his class.

    It took little to no time to get dressed and prepared for the day and surprisingly even less time to find the cafeteria.

    In no less than 10 minutes, Kakusu found the cafeteria and looking around, there was a moderate amount of students inside. There were a few strange types of meat and they disturbed Kakusu for some reason. Peering at the sausages closer, he noticed that they seemed to be flooded with red, almost as if it was alive and grabbing one and cutting it proved to Kakusu that there was blood inside. A look of disgust appeared on Kakusu’s face. Since he was accustomed to living as a human, the thought of drinking blood just seemed inhumane and uncivilized although Kakusu did know there were a few vampires on campus. The sausage repulsed Kakusu but since he had already taken it, he decided to discreetly throw it away even though the idea of wasting food was also something he usually wouldn’t do 1st world problems.

    After Kakusu managed to obtain an apple and bottle of milk, he politely tossed the sausage in the trash and looked for a place to sit. Scanning the room, Kakusu noticed a boy that he recognized as the one who was playing music really loudly yesterday. He had meant to apologize to him but for some reason he felt a strong urge that he shouldn’t.

    Putting chivalry over his intuition, Kakusu walked over to the boy who was eating beef jerky and just as he got within proximity of Solo, he slipped on a blood stain on the floor what’s with kids these days with littering and both his milk and apple went soaring off at Solo. This would have been the center of Kakusu’s attention, however, Kakusu barely managed to prevent himself from falling flat on the ground and luckily no blood got on his uniform.

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