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    Ah also fun. Lol. Lets go!

    Normal- happiny. Idk. It just bothers me. I hate it's design. No other normal types make me feel bad but looking at happiny... Idk y it just makes me un happiny. Lol

    Fighting- meditite. Stop using detect and just die already!

    Flying- it's hard to really hate any flying types but I guess altaria. Y r u even dragon type???

    Poison- hard to choose too. Maybe amoonguss? I don't really hate any poison types. But I guess he's my least favorite design and he's not even mildly cute like foonguss is.

    Ground- hard again. Palpitoad I guess. He just annoyed me.

    Rock- nosepass. And probopass. Again just terrible designs.

    Bug- maybe venonat. Just don't like him. Probably cuz his design.

    Ghost- gengar. As cool as haunter is I feel like he loses all his coolness upon evolution.

    Steel- empoleon. I hate penguins and hate his whole pride gimmick

    Fire- flareon. I despise the design. Love all the eeveelutions but this.

    Grass- ludicolo. I hate his design. Reminds me of a penguin. Which I hate. And he's stupid goofy.

    Water- simipour. Hate the design with a burning passion cuz I'm not fond of monkeys and he's got a stupid hairdo and he's waving at you. Like this is a fight dude stop waving like we're buddies and let me knock u out!

    Electric- elekid. Idk y. Don't hate him but he's just least favorite.

    Psychic- jynx. A wild Nikki minaj appeared! Enough said. Hated its design since the start.

    Ice- smoochum. I didn't think jynx could get any worse. Til they made it a baby and made me feel horrible for wanting to punch a baby in its face.

    Dragon- dragonite. I love dragons. And he's probably the most loyal to a pure dragon design. Too bad when we started out we had beautiful elegant dragonair that turned into this ugly fat kid dragon. I'm not against fat but I mean come on. We get one dragon and this was it??? Ugh. When I was a child I wished so bad for spyro to be a Pokemon.

    Dark- sableye. I thought it was so cool. No weakness. Cool moves. But the stats omg and no evolution