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Let me dust off the cobwebs on this thread really fast.

Dear Anon,
I worry about you. I really do. It sucks, knowing that you're suffering. Whatever you're going through, I don't really know; even if I did, I don't think I could help. You seem to be on this downward spiral of depression (generally but perhaps not medically speaking), and then you post these vague things online, and I worry about you more, and I... I don't know what to do. I don't want to approach you about it, between not wanting to hurt your more, and not knowing if you'll even talk to me truthfully. It hurts knowing there's probably nothing I can do, even if I listen, because I'm just too young and not experienced enough to give you an idea of where to go next and how to get out of your rut. The last time we talked there was nothing I could say other than "uh, okay". And I'm sorry.

We're both worried about you. Please get better soon. If I were the kind to pray, I would. :(

Dear Anon,
Why would you put your life into God's hands when you could put what you can in your own? I don't know, just being all like "It's all up to God now!" and doing nothing else seems silly, but I'm an atheist and you're devout Christian. Then again I'm just thinking about some Facebook status you posted and it probably wasn't too serious in the first place... and I've not believed in God for so long I just can't wrap my mind around worshiping Him anymore.

Not that I find believing in God wrong, not at all. Sometimes I wish I still did. There's certainly comfort in it.
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