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    SOLO the LYCAN
    Classroom to Dorm Room

    Chapter One: Part Nine
    Reluctant Beginnings

    The scent of blood awoke Solo from his spaced-out state, nearly bringing a shudder, though as he looked round, he noticed that one kid-- Fiola-something? --sitting at the table closest to his corner and was just... Looking at him. Solo narrowed his eyes, silent. This kid had better not piss him off, or else their living arrangement would include a room for one wolf, and a doormat-hallway combo-pack for Frialis-whatever. He was snapped from his thoughts at the slightest swishing sound, which came from some kid throwing a bloody sausage away. Huh. so he did smell blood.

    Solo squinted at the boy, slowly realizing two things: one, that he was the same kid who came in with the teacher yesterday and ruined his good time, and two, that he was approaching Solo. But of course, not before tripping face-first and sending the contents of his lunch tray directly at Solo. "Hey--!" Solo half-shouted, not moving an inch but focusing on the apple and milk with just enough time to stop them both a mere inch from his forehead and nose. "You little pest!! Watch where you're tripping!!" Another day off to a poor start, of course. And look who would be taking the blame today! Solo, in no mood to help this kid in any way, let the contents of the boy's lunch fall down on top of him.

    Sealing the bag of succulent jerky for later, he put it down on a nearby windowsill and crossed him arms, glaring at the kid, whether he was looking or not. "You're the brat who told the teacher on me, huh? You ruined my day yesterday, and you're starting again today. Give me three reasons I shouldn't do the same to your face."

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