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    Genevieve L’esprit
    Uncharacteristically quiet, Genevieve followed the lead of the others as they went about their little scavenger hunt. Chasing ghosts and shadows. An earthquake that nobody else felt, but Sovereign. It did make sense when one stopped to think about it, and she had been doing a lot of that lately. He was a rock type, well, half rock. It only made sense that he should have an affinity towards things of the earth. She herself had a natural inclination to things unseen, the energies between creatures and thoughts. Did each Pokemon have their own special talents that the others were completely unaware of? It was a curious proposition. Deeming that it required further investigation, she stored it away in her memory banks, an idea to play with at a later date.

    There was a more worrying notion, however. Cedric. And she did mean Cedric, not his preposterous title of “Deluge”. It was almost childish, these nicknames. Were they masked vigilantes? Of course not. People should know who to admire or fear, not a hollow call-sign. But, names aside, he had called her out on her appearance. Was it really that betraying to her? The others didn’t seem to pick up on it. Or did they? This thought gave her great pause, an almost fearful feeling opening its maw and threatening to swallow her in it. At that moment, there was no potential intruder. Just the fear of discovery and the consequences that it brought. Who knew how a battle between Sovereign and herself would end. Would one even be a victor, or would it just be mutually assured destruction? Maybe he wouldn’t be angry at all for her indiscretion with Scar. His anger would surely be geared more towards Scar himself, or so she liked to think. Where was Scar anyway? Still sleeping? So many questions, so many answers that didn’t come. Her mind was like a mini battlefield all its own.

    The list of people she would have to eliminate kept growing by the day. There was one in particular that came to mind. One that could easily be removed without anything being amiss. Plans would have to be put in place, all things moving forward in their due time. Soon...

    An annoying voice penetrated her thoughts, breaking her from the stupor she had been lingering in. Snype. Something about flying ground types. She didn’t quite know, she hadn’t been paying him even a fraction of her attention. He was on the list, but not first. “No, I don’t particularly think they do. Unless somebody throws them, would you care to try?” She looked down at him and juggled a rock in front of his face with her mind, the rock being an obvious substitution for his body. But just as the creature in the sky came plummeting to an obvious death, she lost sight of it. Vanishing for lack of a better word.

    “Rally the ancients. Every home, storefront, or place of worship, search them. I want this person found, now! Arceus be damned,” she called out, superseding Vera’s broad orders from earlier.