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    @ Saving Raven: I'll send you a PM when I got the tutorial ready.

    Originally Posted by opalhat View Post
    Hey, I've been on the endless HP mode
    What? How? I mean: You mean that your actions doesn't drain HP from you, right?

    I'm at 30,000 and am still her Boytoy. Can you tell me at what point our relationship upgrades again?
    I'm sorry pal, but would you let yourself fall in love with the guy who buys you everything? Misty is on the other side now :P I guess your stats are somewhat high, so try to date another girl without making the same mistake as with misty,

    @ Saving Raven and opalhat: Well, when I spoke about bad endings because no girl became your girlfriend, of course I included the possibility that YOU made it impossible xD