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    Grr... that kid with the Togekiss was back and he'd taken Shaymin, I don't think he realised how vital getting Shaymins to Flower Paradise before Winter was. He must've never heard the legend. It didn't matter I swapped out my team and of course I'd made sure to give Shaymin a little collar on its hind leg under the fur. I looked at it and the person must've taken it pretty far north it was near the North Exit of Mt. Coronet, if he was flying he wasn't anymore.

    So I swapped out my pokemon quickly and sent Braviary and Mandibuzz out. I was going to get that Shaymin back and get it to Flower Paradise. So if went to where the tracker had fallen off and sure enough there was an encampment of small lodges around Route 216, development had hit here over the last few years. So I asked the owner of the lead lodge if he'd seen a trainer with a Togekiss or a Shaymin but he said that he'd only seen a guy with a Togekiss head up to Route 217. This was getting dangerous for the trainer and the Shaymin, Route 217 at this time of year is usually overrun with Weavile hunting packs, I had to find them. So I sent out Mamoswine and headed north.

    Sure enough after a while of searching I found a trainer and an Electabuzz, wounded from what appeared to be Slash marks. I brought them back to the lodges and left them their to recover. I continued looking and eventually came across a pack of Weavile which I swiftly dispersed except for one who had a Gracidea petal in its head-feathers! I rushed in the direction these Weaviles had come from only to find the trainer and Shaymin tied up on some logs and unconcious. It was one of those proofs Weaviles were getting smarter. I decided it best to get them both out of there since the other Weaviles would surely be back soon as Night was rising. So I summoned Braviary and Mandibuzz again and untied the two.

    I decided there was no time to return this trainer to Snowpoint City or the Encampment so I headed straight off to Flower Paradise with Shaymin and the trainer.

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