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    Originally Posted by JNathan View Post
    This is a plot idea and i don't want to spoil it out. I hope you understand)

    You're right about the pressuring, i was already doing it.
    Very good!

    The rival is jealous of the hero/ine receiving the spotlight because of his family(but he doesn't hate him!) so he will try to slow the player's progression and succeed the mission on his own.
    Typical me: Write something and after 3 lines forgot it completely. Of course, when prota is THE ONE, then rival will be a little bit annoyed. I can totally understand that.

    Yeah you did really good. Thank you!:)
    I was a little bit afraid you didn't thought the plot through, since I don't know you and could only read what you wrote. (I actually think this is a good thing, so no "X makes Z and had already made Y, which was good, so Z will/must be good too" crap.) But your answers have shown me that you know what you're doing :)

    "the differences between the types of the starters will only matter if they affect things like your rivals theme"
    In my experience it also influences the gym fights. E.g. if you start Red/Blue with Charmander, you gonna have a bad time with the first 2 gyms, if you don't catch and train anything else. Fire starters generally make caves like hell. Maybe that's why they all became fire/fighting, so one can get easier through?
    And in connection with gym fights, it is also important for the pokemon you want to catch. If you don't start with the fire starter, it sure took a while until you were able to get another fire type in Gen I and III, while water types spawn quite easily.