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    Normal: Igglybuff, omg it is so fluffy im gonna die
    Fire: Houndour, yes not houndoom. houndours cuteness and tough looks make me wanna cry
    Water: Squirtle - it just changes and changes because water is my favourite type, so basically all water pokemon gets me.but there is something in squirtle
    Grass: Ludicoloooo - It looks so stupid and that makes me want to hug him his moves are so cool and his combination is like unique.
    Electric: Pichuuu - baby pokemons are my favourite but pichu is... soo damn cuutee!
    Bug: Shedinja - bugs are my least favourites, but i don't hate shedinja, it has unique abilities and 10 hp. he cant be hit by any attack unless it is super effective!.
    Poison: Haunter - He is really cool, and he is part of ghost group. what can i want else?
    Fighting: Primape - He is something like monkey+pig. and his powers are amazing. he is amazing
    Flying: Skarmory - HE HAS CRAZY RESISTANCES.
    Rock: Aerodactyl - it is so badass. his flying type moves close the super effective from ground. and he is badass
    Ground: Krokodile - it looks so cool.
    Steel: Lucario - altough i cant get why it is steel i love him for no reason.
    Ice: Beartic - i won black just because of him.
    Psychic: Chingling - it is a bell, i mean what is cooler than a bell?
    Ghost: GOLETT - it is so mysterious of all pokemon. i love him for that
    Dark: zoroark: nobody can be cooler.
    Dragon: Dragonite: it was the first anime episode i ever watched. it is special.(the episodes name was something like tower or something)