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pepperton // phillippa watson
thunder arena // new york city, usa
All of the other party members began to grab the class kits, leaving only White Mage and Ranger left. Pepperton wasn't a fan of either class (she was more of a close range fighter). But, healing was probably best for her since the others were assumably useless at it. But, just as she went to grabbed it, a dragon-like DAEMON, going by the username of "Shaka Shaman", snatched it up and joined the fight. What?! Who invited this guy?

"Hey!" Pepperton called out to him, but he very quickly became busy with a monster. Instead of complaining, she grabbed the last kit (Ranger, much to her dismay) and quickly equipped everything. The Light Armour wasn't too bad, consisting of leather scraps covering her body, but the bow and arrow set was atrocious. She could puke better weapons.

"What do I do, huh?" MonkeiBoi_89 said from quite far away from the fight. "I'll just stay here, I guess."

Pepperton didn't take any notice of him, instead opening up a message she had just received from the newcomer. What? Why didn't he just talk? Or at least type...

Can you give me a hand? This guys tough, but he should go down if we double team him. I'll help you guys out if you help me.

"Fine," Pepperton sent a party request to the dragon DAEMON and fired a series of arrows at the plant monster.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve arrows and then it was down. Shaka Shaman was close enough to grab the dropped experience but Pepperton rushed in to grab the item. A pair of rusted knuckles. Great. A message flashed across her screen before she could inspect them.

"Level up! You have now reached level 2!

You have learned a new weapon skill! FOCUS SHOT."

Ranging skills weren't of that use to her but at least she could now... shoot more precise shots? God, what an awful ability.

"Get back," she said to their new White Mage. "White Mages are not frontal fighters, they are healers. You help us. Keep us healthy so we don't die. Because if we die, you die. And you," she turned to the monkey and tossed the Rusted Knuckles at him. "Don't be lazy."

"...Uh, thanks," he said, as if she was burdening him rather than helping him.

So, two down. Eight to go.
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