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    Pokemon Apollo BETA 0.3

    Hack of Pokemon Fire Red


    Hello Pokecommunity, I am MrDollSteak (on an old account), I've been hacking very basically for a few years now, my main focus is with spriting, pokemon design etc. However I was inspired by a friend working on a hack with fakemon to get involved in my own hack. I decided rather than creating new fakemon, I'd make a more artistic hack of FireRed with changes primarily in the storyline, tilesets and sprites. I had to learn scripting, hex editing and a few other skills such as basic ASM, but in only a month I have to say that progress has been very good, despite a few bugs. Since I have always loved Team Rocket, I felt suddenly inspired to make a Team Rocket centric hack. I've seen a few hacks that have explored this theme, but personally felt they didn't encapsulate the spirit of Team Rocket and were missing basic changes such as custom tilesets or sprites. I am still by no means the best hacker out there, but I feel some of the scripts, sprites and tiles set the game apart from Firered and other Team Rocket hacks.


    You wake up in your bed in Team Rocket Headquarters, It is your first day on the job. You leave your room and are told that Giovanni has summoned you. You enter his office, and he rewards you with your first pokemon. After proving yourself, he sends you on your first mission: to steal the TM from the man in Cerulean City. You slowly work your way through the ranks of Team Rocket, and undergo several missions, that take you from Mt. Moon, to the fall of Giovanni and to Team Rocket's revival in Johto.

    The most current beta features:[LIST][*]You being chased by the Saffron City Officers, and culminates in the stealing an advanced storage disk from a Silph Co. Developer.[*]You beating up Pokemaniac Bill, and eventually reaching Mt. Moon and stealing ancient fossils.[*]You ending a lightweight rival gang, and finally attacking Lavender Tower and stealing Cubone Skulls.



    BETA 0.3 is incompatible with previous saves if you have saved in Mt. Moon after beating Jessie and James.
    This was mainly done, as many Pokemon have really different movesets now and there are a few tweaks of the earlier content.
    For those that have previous saves, feel free to carry them over, but I personally believe that starting again may be beneficial,
    just to experience the new move sets of the Pokemon.

    New Features:
    • Play as a Team Rocket Grunt
    • New starter Pokemon (Ekans, Koffing, Grimer)
    • Gyms no longer exist, instead badges are earned through completing different Team Rocket related missions. In this case the stealing of the Secret Key in Cerulean City, the stealing of the Fossils in Mt. Moon, and the stealing of Cubone Skulls in Pokemon Tower.
    • Play with Generation 1 and 2 pokemon with updated sprites and move sets.
    • Physical and Special split (Currently without icons in the status screen)
    • Gen 4 and 5 moves, along with a few custom moves for otherwise forgettable Pokemon.
    • New TM/HM List, and New Move Tutors.
    • See characters from the anime, that you would normally never see.
    • Steal your very own Pokemon and items! Cities and houses may have interactable Pokemon and items that will prompt a trainer battle, where as your reward you receive their Pokemon or item.
    • New Item: Glow Stone. The Glow Stone evolves all Pokemon that would normally evolve by trade.
    • Cosmetic Day and Night System

    Future Features:
    • Possible Generation 4 evolutions of existing Kanto and Johto Pokemon that will be available in the postgame.
    • Updated OW's and Trainer Sprites for every trainer in the game.
    • Indoor custom Tilesets.
    • TM Vendor in Rocket HQ
    • Custom Trainer Card and Badges
    • HG/SS intro screens for landmarks, such as Mt. Moon
    • Different wild pokemon at night.


    • Palette problems with Male and Female Hero sprite after naming, general problems with the rival sprite.
    • One mart member has no script.
    • When you temporarily leave the screen and return to it, i.e battle or opening a menu, while on the map with James his palette will turn all yellow.
    • Your reflection is yellow.
    • The first gym cutscene's hidesprite command is not fast enough.
    • During the Saffron City Police Chase, if one of your Pokemon faint, and you are left with only one Pokemon, the second double battle will glitch.
    • Occasional text color or facing issues, because of lazy scripting.
    • Some doors (Mt. Moon Square) the Door animation has an odd palette
    • Mt Moon Square currently has Mt. Ember's intro screen.

    Green = Easily fixed / working on
    Orange = Vaguely aware how to fix, haven't given it much time
    Red = Not entirely sure how to fix

    These are the known glitches, if for some reason you encounter any others feel free to let me know.
    Additionally, if any of you know the solution to any of these glitches, any help would be much obliged.

    Credits to:

    Gamefreak - Making Pokemon Firered
    Aureus - Beta Tester, General Support and Help with Ideas, Concepts, and Continuity
    Zaerosz - Scripting help, ASM Help with Sprite Insertion
    JPAN - Fire Red Hacked Engine
    Omega Zero - Battle background help
    Dr. Fuji - Battle background tutorial
    Tajaros - Help with Battle Backgroudns, Sprites for Onix, Backsprite for Nidoking
    Spherical Ice - Text for the updated Titlescreen
    Hackmew - All the wonderful tools, Pokedex Fix, Running shoes anywhere
    Primedialga - Day, Night, Season Tool
    Shinyquagsire - Day and Night Wild Pokemon Data Editor
    Diegoisawesome - Amazing XSE tutorial
    WesleyFG - Cerulean House
    Troock - Support banners
    Various Tutorials by other great hackers who's names currently elude me
    If anyone out there feels they have helped me in someway feel free to let me know and I will add you to the list, it is not deliberate I assure you, I just haven't recorded the names of some of the tutorial makers.

    Support Banner:

    Credits to Troock for making this!

    Download Link: