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    Nathan - Children's city

    After about 20 minutes of flying and explaining from a wise Noctowl, Nath could just see the Children's city. He had pretty much gotten the hang of flying already. He landed in the entrance to the underground, where two thugs were guarding and quickly unfused thinking it would stir up some commotion. The thugs stopped him as he tried to enter.

    "What are you doing here?"
    "Um, I'm here for... work..." He grunted as he said that.
    "Whats with your fancy clothing, and why are you out in the sun. You should no better. The boss won't like this, thats why I'm going to let you off, because we're mates yeah!"
    "Thanks a lot, I'll just be on my way."

    Nath slyly pulled out a note he had been keeping in his pocket for a few minutes now and slid it into one of the thug's (Jhonny) pockets, then walked into the cavern where he found several cracks in the floor, probably off that encounter with the ghosts.

    "Hey I remember this" Noctowl chirped, "those ghosts could have kille you there!"
    "Really, well thanks for that." No more was said.

    Nath finnaly reached a locked door, and fused back into noctowl.

    "Okay, so let's try this." Nath charged up a shadow ball attack, and failed. Several attempts were made and most were fruitless. One sudden erge of power shot up and WHAM! the whole door fell to pieces

    A few hours later

    Nath's efforts were rewarded well. He flew away looking back at what he ad done. Only 3 lives destroyed and 1 of them was a pokespirit. There he was fighting fist to fist combat wit the owner of the underground mines a master genius, but like Nath had not fully mastered the pokemon spirit, but had killed him when he was knocked out with a time-taking shadow ball. His efforts did not go unrewarded, as all the workers cheered him and Jhonny was appointed the new head of the mines. Feeling pleased with his work, Nath set out to Solaceon, where a photograph he held was showing.

    "Noctowl, we're going to Solaceon town!"
    "I've got a photograph. Aparently it's from when I was a boy, but the one on the left is my uncle, and te one to the right I think is my dad. I want to see if they're still there!"

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