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    The One GSC Trainer Editor

    OneGSCTrainer is an another program written in Python which enables you to edit trainer data. What are its main features?

    1. Supports Gold, Silver and Crystal versions.

    2. Allows to add, delete and edit trainers and their pokemons - no limitations! The only limit is amount of empty space left.

    3. Reads pointers. Note that if your trainer data contains trash bytes you won't be able to use the tool.

    4. Versatility - just see by yourself.

    Credit me if you use my tool to edit your data.

    Note: This is first released version - I might not be aware of some bugs. For the safety of your project, use 'Save as...' instead of 'Save' option.

    Waiting for your feedback, feel free to test for bugs I haven't found out yet. Also, mind that due to preparing comboboxes of names, moves and items for all 6 pokemon the program takes few seconds to load.

    Download v. 1.0 link:
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