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    Regions as DLC could work. I remain doubtful though.

    Recreating an entire region that was primarily mapped in 2D in the 3D format will be much harder than porting maps from RBY to GSC. Creating 2D and 3D maps requires a different approach, for instance, when all buildings face south, it looks OK in a 2D game, but in a 3D game it looks awkward (imagine walking through Saffron City in 3D: on every street, you have doors on the right and nothing but walls on the left... that's not good) . They'll have to at least remap all the cities and create region-specific textures. And then remix all the music (if it's just to get rid of the excessively used trumpets from Gen 3 or the poorly synthesized guitars from Gen 4) . And then, of course, write a decent extension to the game's script so that the region isn't as bland as Kanto in GSC... looks like too much hassle, really.

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