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Originally Posted by Renpuu View Post
One thousand gun deaths is surprisingly low to the vast amount of other killer diseases and other factors such as suicide. Suicide is higher than murder in the US.
Most of the gun violence is due to gang violence.
These special "shootings" are only a small blip in society compared to the vast amount of other problems facing the world.
It's gone past 1500 since I posted last. Just pointing this out.

And compared to many other causes of death, yes, guns aren't "as deadly" but they are still deadly (meaning still a problem that we can try to solve while still acknowledging other serious problem and simultaneously dealing with those) and deadly in different ways. There's no such thing as drive-by heart disease, for instance. There aren't typically "warning signs" like there are with diseases and suicide. (Well, you could say that an overabundance of guns is a warning sign, I suppose.) That makes gun deaths something extra dangerous because they are so sudden.
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