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    Marcus - Here be Pikachu!

    As the rain ceased, a thick mist shrouded the alley, making all the weary Pikachu feel way more tired than they already were... Frozen puddles, Pikachu lying in the floor, unconscious. A sad scene, so much energy wasted in a battle that could probably never end.

    Why was he surrendering? He kept attacking them just to give up? Why? He hasn't been as hurt as his Pokemon, he can still command them until they faint! Unless... he was trying to protect them... No, that can't be, he can't be that way, his old Trainer wasn't that way! If he wasn't, why would he?!

    It just makes no sense whatsoever, if this kid had been his Trainer, then nothing of this would have happened. No Pikachu would be lying motionless on the floor, most of the alley wouldn't be frozen and, overall, the whole battle itself would have been avoided.

    But there's nothing that can be done, his Trainer isn't Marcus... But, it could be, right? With those, what were they called, this Pikachu barely remembers, but wasn't it Pokeball or something? Yes. that's it. Those Pokeballs can make him Marcus' Pokemon, right? Right! Things can still be done the right way, it just takes one capsule!

    Lv. 14
    Teeter Dance

    Dolce the Pikachu is eager to join you, and to finally make things right. if you still want him, that is. In which case, you just need to press a Pokeball against his head, and it will all end. No more Pika-brawlers, no more rain. No more suffering for the poor mice...

    This battle has earned 5 levels for each of your Pokemon, plus a level if your Pokemon aren't yet at Lv. 16 after the five previous. 16 is the level limit until Rustboro has been reached, at thus, Pokemon may still battle, but not gain levels after reaching the cap.

    JuJu - [No Cool Post Name]

    The Pokeball went flying towards the block of ice, I mean, Pokemon! It sealed Vannilite and began shaking in the floor. Once, twice... Oh no, the Pokemon broke free!

    Don't worry, it may just take another... Oh, never mind, Vannilite is gone. Bad luck, I guess... Don't worry, there are more Vannilite around...

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